Our company has undergone a lot of radical changes in the course of the years.


Konstantinos Ksoveris, a miller, inspired by the traditional millstones, uses natural elements –stones and wood- and establishes the very first oil-press in the area, in the village of Vrasna, in the prefecture of Thessaloniki. Rounded, hollow stones with wooden pistons, nosebags and ladles for the final collection of the olive oil are the sole means used in that hand-operated “factory” that functions for 28 years.


Animals replace the people who moved the stones while the hand-operated oil-press is now made of wood and iron thus rendering it more durable. Productivity rises spectacularly.


Revolutionary changes take place: hydraulic oil-press and crusher, special cloth for the paste, press as well as a special separator are to guarantee the best olive oil extract.


The oil production unit is relocated in Amphipolis, in Serres, a traditionally olive-oil production area in Central Macedonia, in Greece. In antiquity the area used to be called “Nine Roads” since it was the meeting point of the main nine roads leading to nine ancient cities. Our company is named “Eleon Odoi” (which means “the olive-oil roads”) after it. This new olive-oil production unit undergoes a radical modernization. Centrifugal system, automated washing of the olives, modern crushers, malaxation machinery, 2 …ντεκατερ...? and 5 separators are used for the production of premium quality olive-oil.


The fifth renovation results in a modern factory equipped to meet the requirements of present time. Cold-pressure guarantees the olive oil will retain its scent and nutrients. Moreover, our business boasts a standardization unit to promote and trade the olive-oil produced under the brand name “Eleon Odoi” certified by IS0 22000.


We further renovate the factory with new machinery of the latest technology from Germany to achieve greater efficiency


The standardisation unit is further equipped with new modern machinery and is relocated at our new factory unit, at the industrial Area of Sindos, in Thessaloniki. It is in these premises that another process takes place. We produce industrial olive-oil from lower quality olives and stones. At the same time, our company has been certified for production and standardization of BIO/organic olive-oil.