Producing extra virgin olive oil since 1929

Established in 1928, the company “Eleon Odoi” is a vertical oil production unit. Olives, extra virgin olive oil as well as other products from our olive graves in the Central and Eastern Macedonia, Northern Greece, end up in the national and international markets after being standardized by the latest technology equipment.

Our Olive Oils



Olive oil made from freshly-picked unripe olives

Low acidity, distinctive scent and the flavor of freshly-picked unripe olives. Produced at the beginning of harvesting it boasts anti-oxidant qualities due to the chlorophyll of the unripe olive fruit.




Extra virgin olive oil from the hills of Amphipolis

Extra virgin olive-oil, of low acidity produced exclusively at the olive groves at the hill of Amphipolis- especially rich in scent and taste



Extra virgin olive-oil enriched with scents

Extra virgin olive-oil enriched with scents, herbs and spices, typical of the Greek land. It comes in 9 varieties.



Extra virgin olive oil of especially low acidity

Extra virgin olive oil of especially low acidity, an experience to your taste, since it is produced from 6 particular olive oil varieties - Chalkidikis, Koroneiki, Megaron, Amphissis, Kalamon, Volou – grown in the olive groves in Central and Eastern Macedonia, Greece. The combination of these specific varieties provides olive oil of unique taste and premium quality.



Extra virgin olive-oil

Extra virgin olive-oil produced at our olive groves in Central and eastern Macedonia, Greece. The variety of the olive trees yields especially low-acidity (<0,4) olive oil, naturally rich in nutrients , of exquisite taste and flavor, derived only by cold mechanical extraction. A unique experience.


Products and Services

At our vertical oil production unit we produce a series of final products for the local and
international market. We also undertake the collection, process and standardization of the final product for third parties.

Standardization ISO 22000

Both the process of production and that of standardization are certified by ISO 22000

Biologically certified procedures

Our biologically certified procedures allow the production and standardization of organic olive oil with your label


Industrial olive oil

Apart from the standardization of products, our main
activity at our unit at the industrial area of Sindos, Thessaloniki,
we also produce industrial olive oil by pressuring
and pitting lower quality

Private label (LP)

We provide third parties the opportunity to produce and standardize olive oil using our latest technology equipment at our premises

Our Blog

Learn the secret of olive oil
Get acquainted with the ways of production that render olive oil one of prime quality.
ελαίων οδοί συγκομιδή

Έναρξη περιόδου συγκομιδής

15 October 2020

Βρισκόμαστε στην περίοδο έναρξης της συγκομιδής των ελιών και η παραγωγή ελαιόλαδου έχει ήδη ξεκινήσει στις εγκαταστάσεις μας στην Αμφίπολη…


Cleaning of the unit after the end of the season

25 February 2020

Cleaning and maintaining at our oil press after the end of the season


Participation in DETROP 2019

6 February 2020

Pictures of our company at the food exhibition and drink DETROP